Apostolos Missions International

Executive Committee

AM International welcomes you to join our close-knit community of people who actively engage in the lives of people around us. College is a time where students grow in many ways, and we wish to help with a student’s spiritual growth as well. We place a strong emphasis on the study and the understanding of scripture, and imparting the core values of Christian Discipleship.We consider it a great blessing for us to help develop students into life-long followers of Christ, who will continue their walk with Jesus even long after graduation. During our time together, we equip students with the important skills and tools that would help advance the Gospel. It is our goal to produce the Christian leaders of tomorrow who would lead others, just like how Christ leads us.

Senior Chaplain
Reverend Dr. Paul de Vries
Josephine Disla
Executive Director
Josephine Disla
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