Apostolos Missions International

Latin America Begins Action Planning, Opening New Season of Youth Mission Support

Apostolos Missions Latin America leaders began meeting with the newly appointed continental representative– Pastor Manuel Lopez from Chile.

It is a great blessing to finally have a native Latino leader leading in AM Latin America. Pastor Manuel very humbly received guidance from the AM HQ and is looking forward to integrating into the work of serving AM leaders in the region.

The AM Latin chapter leaders or volunteers are all very passionate and active to operate programs. They are eager for more guidance and instruction on how to guide the youth. It is a great new season that is opening up for AM’s worldwide ministry development.

They are planning to organize more events among active chapters in Peru and Venezuela. Their next steps are to enlarge the team into more countries in the region including Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, and Mexico.

Please continue to pray for AM’s growth and development in the region.

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