Apostolos Missions International

Harvard Students Begin Romans Series to Raise New Members & Leaders

AM International at Harvard University began a series of Romans. Student leader, Junghyun, lead students Alex and Sujie in the message from Romans 1:1-7.

The message was very moving to the students. When we think about the Apostle Paul, we do not often think about the fact that he was once Saul and how he once hated and killed Christians. But remembering that fact is important for understanding Paul and what he is saying in Romans. Paul is testifying to God’s love and talking about the love really touched the students.

One student shared: “I was touched by the generosity that God showed to Saul; “the most sublime of love is forgiveness,” is the line that resonated with me the most for today’s study. I hope I could have that kind of heart as God has so that I can no longer hate people, or be disappointed by people.”

Please continue to pray for the group gathering. May new members and leaders be set up at AM Harvard.

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