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Become a Bible Teacher

How To Become A Bible Teacher

Are you interested in becoming a Bible Teacher? AM offers diverse training courses for you to be equipped to teach Bible to different age groups. Contact us with your story. We will help you find the most fitting track to share the Gospel. You can also visit AM Academy website (www.amacademy.org), our Online Bible School.

Steps to Become Bible Teacher

1. Finish 5-Phase Bible Study Curriculum.
(You will receive the proof account when you have completed our Bible Study course.)
Click the button below to sign up for Bible Study Curriculum.

2. Apply for Bible Teacher Training (You will receive the Bible Teacher Certificate when you have finished the course.) Find more information about our Bible Teacher Certificate in our online bible school website.

3. Activate Your Bible Teacher Account in AM Academy to share the Gospel with many souls. 

4. Continue to join resourceful, educational biblical programs to fulfill your calling!

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