Apostolos Missions International

AM Academy

What is AM Academy?

AM Academy is an online and onsite discipleship program centered around volunteerism and active participation in ministry serving opportunities. AM Academy welcomes students to participate in four main areas of ministry: Praise & Worship, Online Outreach, Street Evangelism,  Multi-media.

What’s the purpose?

The purpose of AM Academy is to serve as a channel for ministry participation. Students are encouraged to not just remain as viewers of the Gospel, but truly be a do-er and taste the joy of serving together. Through serving together, our faith develops and the Word of God can be more deeply cemented into our hearts. It is also an opportunity to know God’s will for your life, what your gifts are, and what unique place God has for you in His Kingdom service.

Who can participate?

AM registered chapter members (and higher levels of membership) are eligible to participate in AM Academy. The program is always free. The schedules vary according to each ministry schedule and are flexible to involve busy students and working adults.

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