Apostolos Missions International

Chapter Affiliation

AM International has a world-wide network with chapters in diverse cities and corners of the world. Each chapter benefits from the resources and support available to foster the expansion of mission in their city.

Existing AM chapters are required to reaffirm their affiliation with AM annually by submitting the following information to mission@amintl.org. Chapters that fail to submit the application by September 1 of each year may have their membership revoked.

New chapters are welcomed to request the New Chapter Affiliation Application anytime between June and December of the current calendar year.

Register Your Local Chapter


  1. City / Country of AM chapter
  2. Name of target university
  3. Official start date of this chapter


  1. Has this chapter been officially chartered to the target university?
  2. Please attach a letter from the school that indicates university acknowledgment of the AM chapter.
  3. Please attach the chapter constitution.

If the chapter has not yet been chartered, please explain the current timeline and reason for a delay in the official charter status.


  1. All current student leaders should sign the form as a reaffirmation of the agreement to the AM Statement of Faith and Mission Statement. The chapter leader should include their updated contact information to receive the certificate of affiliation via email.
  2. All current members should print their name and updated contact information to update the newsletter mailing lists.
  3. Please indicate any major changes in student leadership positions.
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