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AM Sunday Fellowship Exhorted to Live Life of Love like Jesus

AM Sunday Fellowship students and staff gathered for joyful praise and a graceful message that came from Matthew 7:1-5. They have finished the Sermon the Mount and are continuing to learn the teachings of Jesus.

In this passage, Jesus is telling us to acknowledge our own problems before we try to condemn someone else for theirs. He says that we should rather help our brothers and sisters with love and not condemnation. When there is no love in our hearts, we automatically will condemn and have hate towards one another. After all, only God has the authority to judge us and he will judge accordingly. That is why it is important to humble ourselves and remember that it was only by God’s love that we are able to be saved. Therefore, we must share this love with others.

After the message, students reflected and shared grace with one another.

Ashley Barnes shared that this message was right on time. Lately, I have been working on forgiving others and this confirmed with me that in order for me to do that, I have to have love in my heart.

Riley shared that the other day I was judging this lady for her attitude towards God, but this message reminded me to pray for people like that instead of judging them.

Ashley Barnes shared that she used to think that I was better than others because I was saved by God, but then from this message, I realized that I am no better than anyone because- I too have sinned.

Pastor Michael ended with the hope that we can reflect on the love of Jesus and be like bright candles. Being the ones that give light to the world.

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