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40-Day Lenten Bible Study Draws Numerous Attendees

The AM HQ online Lent program is drawing numerous attendees daily. The Lent program consists of 40-days in the Gospel of John, verse by verse. Many students expressed their thirst and eagerness to participate in the 40-day walk with a sincere desire to meet the Lord.

The message on Thursday was delivered by Pastor Michael and came from John 1:19-34. The message emphasized Jesus as the Lamb of God. This is a title that is only appropriate for Jesus Christ. He lived a life, not of condemnation, but a life of redemption. He did not impute sins, but He carried the sins of the world. The students were exhorted to follow the example of Jesus and fulfill the Gospel with love.

After the Bible study, students shared reflections of the sermon and had a time of discussion.

One student shared, “This message humble me and allowed me to ask how can I be more like Jesus. To follow God more earnestly. I feel led to continue in prayer and reading more of God’s word. Also sharing God’s messages with others because as Michael stated God’s word is beautiful and we shall post it for others to see.”

Another student shared: “This passage really inspires me to not judge others depending on what they have gone through in their lives, or what they do. Instead of spreading judgment, it is our duty to spread love as God intended us to do. I wish to grow spiritually in Christ so that we can spread love in His name.”

Students from the U.S. joined as well as one newcomer from Argentina and another newcomer from India joined. All are welcomed to join. Check out Instagram for more details.

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