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6 Episodes of ‘Who AM I’ Series Coming Soon

AM International’s social media team is preparing new video content for the official AM Instagram. The name of the series is called “Who AM I?”

“Who AM I” is a series written by Pastor Michael Ford. The multi-week series is a short form, 2-minute Bible study, where Pastor Michael expounds important verses of the bible that explain the identity of God and His people. The series will be a tool to empower believers and teach them just how much they are loved by God. Viewers are also encouraged to participate in online Bible studies to go more in-depth on the profound topics.

“The same way evil worked then (in biblical times) is the same way it works now, and this is why we here at AM International created this series. We want to empower believers to find their Identity in Christ.”

The series current has 6 installments and more to come in the future. Stay tuned for more news on this and much more video content being produced by AM International’s social media department.

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