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Africa Begins Online Training to Identify Potential AM Youth Leaders

Africa has started 3 days in a week on-line Bible training for 5 potential leaders covering Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Nigeria.

The students across the continent are all receiving online Bible lessons for a period of one hour per meeting. The personnel have shown interest, dedication and sacrificed their time to attend this program that will cover the book of Romans 1-8.

The program started on Monday 13th of May and is expected to last for a period of 4 weeks. Day one had 3 in attendance with the other two joining after to follow up.

“We are praying for this team that they can receive grace and grow to maturity spiritually and into leaders,” Walter, the AM Africa leader shared.

On the other hand, AM Africa is on a Pentecost walk. Africa is continually studying and reflecting on the book of Acts after personal meditations.

Members are participating and some of the reflections are really graceful. This gives hope to the region that people really have that heart to learn more the word of God to understand His will and live a life worthy and acceptable before Him

Please pray for the training and the Pentecost walk to continually fill each heart with grace and strength.

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