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Africa Daily Online Study Brings Spiritual Hope and Revival

AM Africa is preaching the message of Cross and Resurrection as the central theme of the Lenten period encouraging its members to mediate the foundation of salvation deeply. As the COVID-19 crisis is spreading to the whole world, ministers report that the situation is less serious in comparison to other continents. However, a number of careful measures were taken to prevent possible outbreak. 

The staff shared that studying the book of John made God’s love more profoundly revealed bringing spiritual revival and hope to the members attending. The daily study happens every day gathering followers and members from different countries including Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo.

“When I studied the story of Jesus, concentrating on His death and resurrection, I could realize the kind of love that God has for the world. But most importantly how much He loved me,” stated Walter. 

He also shared that after knowing the pain and shame that he put the Son of God through, it moved his heart and he could experience the love of God deeper as well as knowing how much he needs to meet the resurrected Christ.

Africa members need to experience this love that is revealed through the Word of God.

Those who are participating in the program are mainly students in Universities affected by the current situations of the worldwide outbreak. The online bible studies and prayers are continuing gaining more people who seek to know the meaning of life and the power of salvation disclosed through the Son of God. 

Many prayers are requested to enter the new era of mission in Africa in this season. 


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