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Africa Presents Ministry Review in Lusaka, Students Inspired for Mission

AM Africa was able to make a digital presentation to the Congregation of Emmanuel Church Lusaka in a Cross-over service held on 31st to 1st. 2018 review, 2019 plans and goals inspired the youths to join the Ministry.

AM Africa moved recently this year to Zambia from Uganda. This change will benefit Zambia since they will be able to receive guidance direct from the Africa HQ. There is plan to establish a very strong foundation through a much better strategy than Africa had been using. In 2018, the region received a lot of grace but hope for greater harvest this year. Therefore, the team should be prepared spiritually and physically.

Through the guidance from the AM International and OAA HQ, Africa have much more support and guidance to strive, go ahead and achieve big this year. Walter shared that, he is more determined and hopeful than ever.

“I believe and have greater faith that, this year (2019) people will see great things that God will do in AM Africa, others will wish to have been part of this experience.” But the good thing is that, we are a family, we succeed together and we grow together for the Glory of God”.

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