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Ahran: ‘God Wants My Whole Heart & Nothing More…’

AM united with Boston Immanuel Church to host a Lenten retreat at Harvard University. Students from Harvard, MIT, and other local universities attended and received great grace through the messages and fellowship time.

Attendants were testified about deep messages and great biblical vision of AM. Three attendees shared their experience during the retreat and preparing for it. Here’s Ahran’s story.

Ahran Won

“As I go through the time of Lent, I feel very challenged and heavy hearted. Lent retreat was something I looked forward to, but I had no idea how this should turn out. The night before I was preparing for the retreat, I received God’s message that what he wants is my whole hearted effort and nothing more. One soul meant so much to God, and I prayed for that ‘one soul’ to be lead to the retreat and meet God as I once did 8 months ago. With the trembling heart, we met Mike, Tessa, and Paul. I know that it was not a coincidence that they came, I know that God has sent them to the retreat.

“I was very thankful for everything God had provided us that day and also the fact we could be part of God’s plan. God had made me not only to meet his people but also cured me with his compassion of what I’ve always had as a burden of myself. God cares about my truthful intentions. God loves me no matter what. I prayed to know more about God and his love, and wished to grow stronger in faith that I could do his will in this life. Amen.

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