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AM 2023 Latin America Training Concludes with Exhortation to Plant the Seed of the Gospel

By God’s grace, the AM 2023 Latin America training concluded. A message preached by Pastor Miriam Vazquez was delivered on this day where all attendees were encouraged to plant the seed of God’s word diligently fully trusting that God will make it grow.

Pastor Miriam used the passages from Mark 4:26-29 and 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 to instruct all participants on what should be their focus after the training, that is, to plant the seed and water it with the understanding that only God in the end can make it grow.

“Doing mission is not easy. There are many difficulties and there is a process for one person to grow, however, it is important for us to know our duty when it comes to God’s kingdom. Although it is God who makes things grow in the end, there is still the part that we need to do, and that is to go out and plant the seed of the Word of God and of the Gospel diligently. Without us, the workers of the vineyard, the seed cannot be planted and the work of God cannot begin. We are those who have received the great love of God, and therefore, we must spread this love to the ends of the earth,” shared Pastor Miriam.

Additionally, she expressed her gratitude to God for being able to have this time of training and for being able to witness the work of the Holy Spirit that is taking place in Latin America. In the end, she exhorted all of the AM leaders and volunteers to fully focus on spreading the gospel through evangelism and Bible studies.

After this training, all of the participants expect a great revival to take place in Latin America through AM.

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