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AM 5-Phase Online Discipleship Program Has Graceful First Week Launch

The AM International HQ and Teacher Network launched the first week of utilizing the 5-phase online discipleship program. The 5-phases is a strategy to train online students into campus leaders using various classes of Bible studies. The program officially began this week with various students on the schedule.

Students who signed up for the program were evangelized from Instagram and we from the United States, India, Korea, Ukraine, Namibia, Uganda, and more. The teachers had a swift time teaching due to the materials presented. And the students also received a lot of grace through the message.

Below is one reflection from Alberthina from Namibia who studied the Parable of the Sower:

“I have a mixture of THE PATH AND ROCKY SOIL. Lord, my saviour, lead me on the right path. At times my heart hears the Word, but is not willing to accept the word and at times my heart hears the Word and is joyful than slowly drifts away from it. I pray for the Almighty to give me the heart of flesh that is ready to accept, protect and by perseverance produce crops. I open my heart to hear the Word and value the Word. I’m new on this Journey with Jesus, but I’m aiming for a hundred by really persevering.”

Below is another reflection from Riley from the United States:

“Love and trust God. Do not worry about money or friends or meaningless items. However, seek God and his kingdom. Lay our desires down and seek God fully with all your Heart. I love learning more about Jesus and devoting my time to God because He has done so much for me and I need to focus more on him than on anything else.”

Below is another reflection from Ameiiar from the United States:

“I received this message as an example to how believers should trust God and live a life of faith. The Lord desires a sincere heart and not a perfect person ,it’s what our motive and intentions are rather than the quality of the offering. He looks at our heart not the action itself. This message was good for me, and it was very important. We’re not perfect and sometimes try to hold onto things. The message let me know that God has a way better plan than we could ever imagine we just have to trust Him. If we let go and have faith God will provide something better. I feel led to let go of habits that draw me back to the world. I feel led to also examine myself and be honest with myself ,sometimes I can make excuses and sometimes I can try to do things on my own”

5 Bible study sessions were held this week under the program. The number will double next week when more time slots open up for teaching students online. Please continue to pray for Christian leaders to be established one day sooner through this program.

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