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‘AM Academy’ Launching in 2021

AM International is developing a program called “AM Academy.” It is not a school, but rather a program that will guide students from the beginning stages of an evangelize newcomer to a steadfast member within AM. It will specifically serve as a channel for raising registered members to committed members. AM Academy will be a method to settle the structure of growth and effectively raise many people at once.

AM Academy is designed to be the main platform of vocation and education for AM members and potential field staff. The purpose of the program is to raise a person through a precise pipeline. For example, once a person is evangelized, they are taught according to the 5 Phase Program and the Romans textbook. Afterward, they are presented with the option of registration. After registration, they are offered serving opportunities in which they can continue to serve and grow.

“The website is the window for the outside world to look in and get the vision of this program. A website has been prepared and the HQ is preparing detailed contents that explain the direction for this program. The hope is that students who are evangelized online can go step by step to the point of becoming reborn and grow as true members and active volunteers,” AM HQ staff shared.

The vision of AM has always been to be a hub for world mission; an organization that trains up and sends out the youth, following the tradition of the apostles. And this is what the website will clearly display. The AM HQ prays that the program will be an agent of God’s work to serve as a launching pad for the youth world mission.

May the website and academy continue to develop and be used as a platform for training, empowering, and commissioning the youth of this generation.

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