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AM Africa Actively Seeks Leader in Rwanda, Establishing French-Speaking Nations

AM-Africa is working on their plans of expansion across the continent. At the moment they are prioritizing on establishing the Rwanda chapter that had been put on hold due to the inconveniences caused by the closure of more than 700 churches in the country.

The Africa leader, through the guidance of the HQ, is working hand in hand with the Rwanda local church leaders to establish the Chapter leader.

The establishment of the Chapter in Rwanda is very important because they will be our first French-speaking country/Chapter that will help us in the expansion of the ministry to other French-speaking nations across Africa like the neighboring country Congo and most of the West Africa countries beside.

Rwanda has a pool of youths that really need and are hungry for the Word of God. With our vision and purpose, having a chapter there will mean that we are working towards achieving our goals and fulfilling our purposes as Christians.

There is constant communication with the National Olivet Assembly HQ of Rwanda in pursuance of the fulfillment of this goal and plan. We are as well praying that God should prepare this person, with a humble heart of serving God and leading the youths of Rwanda at the University levels and bring them closer to God. Hopefully, we shall have a leader in Rwanda soon.

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