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AM Africa Bible Students Receive Grace Studying Romans

Apostolos Missions Africa Bible students received grace as they study the book of Romans chapter 1. On Monday, Sister Milika from Zambia, Vivacious from Tanzania and brother Faustin from Democratic Republic of Congo joined the 1 hour online Bible study.

Covering Romans 1:16-17, brother Walter explained the core message that is considered the most important phrase in the book of Romans, “The righteous will live by faith” that Paul quoted from the book of Habakkuk 2:4. “Salvation for a sinful me, cannot be obtained from anything else other than through faith in Jesus Christ.”

“Paul said it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes so I will choose to believe, and encourage you as well to believe,” he stated.

He also explained about the shame and discouragement that Christians find themselves in because of the personal internal conflicts and the external environment. “If we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us, then understanding the love found in the Gospel then we will have no shame to stand and go out to share with the world as Paul did. There are times we feel very insecure and but the Love of God that we experienced can compel us to get out there, and share with one more person”.

After the sharing, the two sisters, shared their insecurities when it comes to evangelism. “It is very difficult to share with even my friends then how hard can it be to share with strangers? That is what I used to think”, Milika stated. Now I know that I need to grow in faith as well as God’s Love, so that I can obtain Salvation and lead others to Christ as well.

On the other hand, Vivacious explained how much she has gained from the teaching that it has opened her eyes from a different perspective. “Now I realized that evangelism helps me more than the person I go out to evangelize, I want God to teach me to do something for His kingdom”, she elaborated.

AM Africa will continue to study the book of Romans on daily basis through telegram. They have made a goal to have 100 youths on BBS group on whatsapp so that through that, real committed members will be raised.

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