Apostolos Missions International

AM Africa to Receive 5 New Members Concluding Chapter 8 of Romans

After 6 weeks, AM International Africa Chapter began the study of Romans chapter 7.

In a group of 11 members, 5-8 always participate, asking questions related to the study that depends on the discussions that open doors to deepen their understanding. The Bible students have been asking themselves why they struggle so much with sin after having accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Many questions concerning faith have been asked and the students were so grateful because of God’s answers in Romans concerning this and other matters of their faith.

After the completion of Chapter 8, the region set a goal of receiving 5 new potential members that will continue with more study of the Word of God. In alignment with AM programs and schedules, a new group of Bible students are being set up to begin another session of Bible study with AM Africa.

Please pray that these groups can prosper to deep levels of faith.

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