Apostolos Missions International

Atlanta Chapter Join Prayer & Praise Event in St. Louis

AM Atlanta members joined a prayer and praise gathering in St Louis. The event was hosted by Jubilee World and Elim International. The gathering was full of grace and power. Although the team drove 8 hours to join, they felt really refreshed through the time of worship and returned differently from how they arrived.

The theme of the gathering was “Revival.”

One student leader, Vanessa, shared: “Throughout my faith journey, I have been filled with grace and also have ran out of grace on several occasions. I feel blessed to have leaders who exemplify true love and poured so much into me for the sake of helping me grow closer to God and understanding His love and His heart for me. In seasons of drought, I realize how important it is to have these revelations from God and to hear the good news time and time again. The world is such a burdensome place. After every spiritual retreat, I feel refreshed, graceful and ready to take on God’s work, but I find when I am out in the field, it can get lonely and difficult. Therefore, these revelations of a future filled with hope is what I always want to remember. To see other believers having steadfast faith and defending the truth gives me strength and empowers me to give the same revelation to those who are lost.”


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