Apostolos Missions International

Chicago Organizes Flyers for Christmas Outreach

AM Chicago organized flyers for outreach on the upcoming Christmas retreat. The goal is to gather 100 people and study the messages of the Lord’s incarnation, have meaningful fellowship, and a meal together. The retreat is intended to be a festival that forms a deeper relationship with the community.

They will post their flyers in all public areas and also door-to-door in the neighborhood of the AM HQ center.

Christmas is a good opportunity to bring back the lost sheep who may only come to church for holidays. It can be a bridge for connecting these people back to regular engagement with their faith, and ultimately, with the Lord.

The AM HQ prays that the retreat will be a warm and special event for those who come. They pray for many new people to come and spend the joyful season together with their family of faith.

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