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AM Columbia Begins Fall Evangelism, Reviving NYC Campus Mission

AM international HQ Staff began a hopeful weekend of evangelism at Columbia University.

On Aug.18th, AM headquarter staff Haofen Jiang(Annie) and Jinyi Wu(Jenny) went to evangelize at Columbia University. The two sisters worked the field from 8 am to 5 PM with great expectation. This Saturday evangelism ushered in the weekend of outreach as the very next day, members of various ministries in Dover volunteered their time to go to the campus for evangelism as well.

Jenny gave her reflection:

“The fall semester of Columbia University starts from Aug.20th. Today there are not many students on the campus. I just get one contact information from a Chinese student Wenwen, Jia who is studying application analysis. I walk around the school and buildings on the campus to get more familiar with this place.

We first prayed before we start. The praying time is very graceful. I feel I get close to Jesus. It reminds me of the working of the Holy Spirit is very strong during evangelism. I am very happy I can stand in the position of going out to evangelize once again after evangelizing in Shanghai.

Last time when we evangelized here, the students were very busy to rush to classes and they didn’t have much time to talk to you. This time there are not many students and some visitors since the school hasn’t started. It is said that students in the Columbia University have a clear career plan and many students are very intelligent and their heart belongs to the first one of the parable of the sowers. So we need to pray more for the students here and have the strong determination of saving souls.

When I walk around the school, I also find a building named’ Earl Hall’ which is meant to be built for the spiritual life for the students on campus. The second floor of the building also provided places for praying. We also find some Christian fellowship flyers on the student board for the coming new students. Then I met Wenwen Jia. She is a Chinese student whose mother believes Buddhism. She said people who have belief have a kind heart. She is willing to come to attend Bible study. Later, when I prayed for her and sent her a praising song in the classroom, God also gave me grace. The video of the praising song had the image of the crucifixion of Jesus and it touched my heart.

During praying, I reminded of the experience of evangelism in Shanghai, China. It is a period of learning to sacrifice and give out. I remembered during that period of evangelizing, I truly get closer to the cross of Jesus Christ. When I walk around the school campus, there are so many souls who don’t know about Jesus and the salvation for their lives and their souls are drowning and they are terribly sick. Facing these souls, it reallyhelps me to think deeper of the cross and the total self-sacrifice and self-emptiness and the self-humbleness of Jesus Christ. Facing people who truly need to be saved but are blind because of the sin, I truly want to combine my life with the life of Jesus Christ. The experience of evangelismhelps me to establish and rebuild my life on the foundation of Jesus Christ. For me, I am also a desperate soul destroyed by sin and unable to live out the image of God.

The praying reminds of one of the prophecies I heard when I first went to pray with AM HQ members. It is said like this,  Hear, hear the voice of the souls. Can you hear that they are yearning? Can you hear that they are saying ‘saving me, saving me.’

I remembered the evangelizing time in Shanghai is a very difficult time and sometimes we don’t have money to buy the food. But the sacrificing time purifies my sin. And I am glad that I can learn the lesson of sacrificing again in this position. The time in the Riverside campus is a time of getting rest. I believe it is a time which God hope that I can get more of his love. However, somehow, my soul feels like a little wandering and can’t find the meaning for my life. Also, it seems without the true sacrifice with love for the souls I lived comfortably and find myself with more sins and selfish thoughts.  But now God put me into this position again to serve him to have a renewed heart and a purer soul. It is a blessing to me.

In the last time of praying, I repented for my misunderstanding toward Jesus in the last period of time. It is true that, when I was in this position, I can get closer to the heart of Jesus and feel that this sacrifice of life for the lost souls are such genuine and full of deep love. How can I misunderstand you and offend you, my Lord? Hope to walk down this path of the cross again to know your love deeper.

Also, we are praying for finding a center which can hold the service near Columbia University. Please pray for us and may God prepare our hearts for the coming evangelism.”

This begins a deeper focus on the Columbia campus. HQ hopes to find a center soon, close to campus for the great establishment of an official chapter on Campus. Please pray for this great blessing.

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