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Guiding the Youth to Know Their Potential in Christ

There was a man who admitted he had a basic knowledge of words he used on a daily basis. He understood how to speak, but he really didn’t systematically understand the use of verbs, nouns, adverbs, etc. While his vocabulary may seem very basic for an adult his age, the idea of this helps us see how we can live and not be fulfilling our purpose. We can live–better yet exist, seeking after shallow things, low-level things.

A friend of mine once said when he looked at the state of most relationships he found that it was extremely competitive. An example he gave was alpha male dog eat dog to relate it to mankind who is running a race but running away from the prize it so desperately seeks. What I believe he meant to say is that we are designed to love one another in the deepest selfless way, yet we do everything against that goal.

No matter what we do, if we fail to remove ourselves from the false reality, we have failed at life. The purpose for our lives is to love. Here’s another example, think of a watch. If can be an expensive watch, very splendid, very attractive, yet, if the hands don’t move, what’s the point? It’s dead, useless. You’d have to add a proper power source, a supply of power made perfectly to fit it. In the same way, we do not need to keep filling up on the expensive and materialistic things in order to live because our power supply comes from God. He is our power to love.

Every young person who is anxiously trying to figure out what to do with their life needs to know this: It matters not what you do, nor what you have, but matters most who know. Do you know Jesus? Are you living life, not just living for the basic things like food, clothing, money, pleasure, the things anyone can live for or are you living out your purpose of love, love of God and love of others?

No matter how much you gain, you will have nothing if you don’t know Jesus. Before you set your heart on what you want, set it on what you need.

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