Apostolos Missions International

AM Global Network to Begin United Prayer Meeting to Stir Power of Holy Spirit

Apostolos Missions International (AMI) global network will begin a united prayer meeting with the members and leaders from all around the world. Despite the physical barriers and time differences, this will be the time that everyone can gather in one heart to lift up earnest cries for the urgent prayer topics of AM as we are nearing Pentecost.

AM is seeking to develop its mission globally and to break through quickly in order to support AM’s mission worldwide. For mission, the direction is to open new countries and establish college chapters.

Prayer is important since it is about seeking power from God. All AM volunteers, missionaries, staff, and leaders are encouraged to attend and unite in prayer as one body for the mission of AM.

May the united prayer meeting be a strengthening time for the AM members around the world so that they may give a greater push, leading AM mission to grow and expand rapidly with new added members and chapters across the world.

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