Apostolos Missions International

AM Hong Kong Holds “Youth Rise Up for Jesus” Praise Night!

Apostolos Missions (AM) in Hong Kong held a “Youth Rise Up for Jesus” praise night on November 14th. Glory be to God!

After half a month of promoting this event, many youths were invited and gathered to praise the Lord Jesus. Nearly 40 participants attended and 10 responded to God’s calling and wished to participate in AM’s Bible study series.

The praise night featured a total of 9 songs in both Chinese and English. The songs were divided into several parts, leading the young souls into the depths of God’s heart, exalting and lifting up the name of Jesus. Through these songs and prayers, they could meditate on the sacrificial love of Jesus on the cross and proclaim victory in Christ.

Everyone praised God together with overflowing grace and in unity with love towards one another.

In the end, the pastor encouraged all attendees to seek God’s will more deeply through His word so that they can find true value and meaning in Christ, becoming a living testimony.

In the final call, nearly ten young people stood up and responded to the Lord, desiring deeper love for Jesus and a willingness to live for Jesus and follow Him.

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