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AM HQ Exhorts ‘Ask, Seek, & Knock’ During New Year Service

AM leaders, volunteers, and bible students all gathered on January 3rd, 2022 for a New Year service.

The attendees gathered with hope and faith for an abundant new year of mission. In addition to the sermon, the members reviewed the ministry goals for 2022 and also signed the Confession of Faith.

The message was delivered by Pastor Alma, General Secretary of AM International. The message came from Matthew 7:7-11 and 1 Corinthians 9:26.

The listeners were encouraged to reflect on their lives and how they will live in this new year and how perfectly faithful God is.

Looking at the scene of Peter and Jesus in Luke 5:4-8, the leaders could come to see the lack of faith that Peter had in Jesus to give him many fish which led him to have empty nets. However, once seeing the Lord be faithful to provide for him, all he could do is fall at Jesus’ knees and repent.

Dreaming of global revival where 10,000 souls will be caught and saved, the leaders were exhorted to be active in repentance, asking, and seeking God for wisdom, creativity, innovative ideas because God is faithful to provide. Otherwise, if we fail to repent then there will be no development.

“If we really truly want to experience revival it is going to take prayer and faith in the Word of God. This is when we can see the amazing hands of God in our ministries,” concluded Pastor Alma.

May all AM leaders obey the Words of God in this new year so that God can work powerfully in providing a flood of many new souls in 2022.

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