Apostolos Missions International

AM HQ Meeting Draws Plan to Dispatch AM Missionaries to Select Schools

AM International staff have been casting their visions and dreams for the development of AM in the following year. The ministry will grow beyond campus ministry to encompass large-scale world missions. The AM HQ is preparing to launch the AM Student Missions Board as a way to send out missionaries and expand mission more quickly.

The HQ staff gathered to discuss the plan to send out the first missionaries this year. Their focus will first be on U.S. universities. They will start by setting AM missionaries in ivy league universities because of their Christian roots, distance to the current HQ, and because of the aptitude of the students.

The team is currently preparing their financial platform and also training platform to prepare the missionaries in a variety of ways. The AM HQ prepared a preliminary action plan to set up a stable financial platform and to choose the most effective locations for AM dispatchment.

Developing the AM Student Missions Board will expand the reach of the ministry to more quickly evangelize students and raise leaders who become missionaries.

The HQ is currently meeting daily to continue this discussion and become more prepared for the new year.

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