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AM Interviews Korea Bible Student From Israel; Testifies of Jesus to Jewish Peers

AM News is beginning a new segment called, “Testimonial” where AM students from across the network will be chosen to share their testimony about being a student or member with AM fellowship. On January 19th, 2022, the first student to be interviewed was Juleen, a member from AM Korea who is a native of Nazareth, a city in Israel.

Born to a Catholic family, Juleen grew up not attending church even though her parents considered themselves to be Christians. Today, that has completely shifted as Juleen is now passionate about her Christian faith. She is living it out for both her family, her friends, and her country to see.

Israel, comprised of Jews, Muslims, and Arabs has witnessed a dramatic turn in its history since ancient Israel. Long ago, before modern day Israel, Biblical and historic figures like Abraham, Moses, King David, and more lived at the time of ancient Israel. During this time there was also a lot of war and conflict between empires of Persia, Israelites, and the Romans. This was also the time of the birth of Jesus, which brought even greater conflict.

Today, there continues to be conflict especially over religion and the religious history of Israel as the modern-day Jews do not believe that the Messiah has come. The Muslims believe in Muhammad as their God, and Arabs believe in Christianity.

Juleen, falls under the 2% of Christian believers in her country where they believe in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. She has firm faith that Jesus, the Messiah, has already come. While there is still division and skepticism in modern day Israel, Juleen shares how God has led her to AM and has guided her life to speak about Jesus to all in her country.

“I am amazed at how God chose someone young and weak like me to be the one among the Jews where I could have the opportunity to preach about Jesus to them. Even though they don’t accept because they are still waiting for Jesus, I started to use my opportunities in the classroom to speak about Jesus with all my heart. The joy of Jesus in my life became so evident in me that even those who are atheist find something special in what I am sharing,” she shared.

Juleen used to be in another Christian group based in Korea before joining AM. However, she shared that one day she was connecting with people through an app and happened to connect with Pastor Chungwook who later explained to her that the Christian group she was a part of had skewed teachings and that he would connect her to Pastor Sunny. Upon meeting with Pastor Sunny for bible studies she shared how she became full of excitement and began to invite all her friends to study.

“I wasn’t into my religion before meeting the AM Korea leaders. I just prayed in my room but never attend church. However, when meeting Pastor Sunny and having bible studies with AM, I wanted to participate more and I even wanted my friends to listen to what I was learning,” said Juleen. “Witnessing how humble Pastor Sunny is and how she takes the time to pray and teach me and my friends changed me a lot.”

Since having bible studies and starting her first year at a Hebrew University, Juleen has had many encounters where she has shared about the deep love of Jesus to her professors and peers despite her inability to speak fluent Hebrew. God has led her to have conversations that are changing the minds of Jews and Muslims and pushing them to pursue faith in Jesus.

Juleen concluded, “AM bible studies have given me a safe platform to grow and to boldly express about my faith in Jesus Christ. It is a pleasure to be here as a member and to serve God. Without him, I wouldn’t have the power. Jesus’ power is amazing and to see where I am today is amazing.”

May we please pray that God continue to guide and lead Juleen to share more about Jesus, so that many in her country can come to know about deep love of our Lord that is for every person and every nation.

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