Apostolos Missions International

AM Int’l 40-Day Devotional Gives Daily Grace to English and Spanish Network

Apostolos Missions International network has set a 40-day challenge. All participants meditate on God’s word daily and faithfully share reflections from the daily devotional. Created by the AM headquarters, the daily devotional was developed to allow members to experience Jesus at a deeper level and in this way be able to apply such teachings to the mission field. 

The daily devotional is a compilation of messages from the AM 5-phase bible program, using messages also from the Discipleship Track and the Large Group sermon notes. Each message has been revised to two pages for a short, yet concise read. Each message was edited to be more personalized and directed to members’ personal situations so that they could receive grace as they race to add new members. 

It has been created in both English and Spanish so that members may read in their native language.

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