Apostolos Missions International

AM Joyful Cyber Fellowship Teaches ‘Salt & Light’

AM hosted its weekly Sunday cyber fellowship this week and continued studying the Sermon on the Mount. This time, they discussed and learned about being the salt and light of the world, (Matthew 5:13-16).

The listeners learned that being called salt and light is a huge compliment from Jesus. Salt was something very precious in that time and hard to attain. It was a symbol of purity, a substance that preserved, and an item that adds flavor. This is the role and effect we should have as Christians in this world.

Likewise, light is something that should be seen. It draws others and serves as a guide and illuminates us, like the truth. Jesus calls Himself the light of the world. He is the big, overall light. However, he also calls us the lights of the world. So we are the small lights and we lead people to Christ and shine the truth in the midst of the darkness. To be people of the light means to be people of the truth.

The students received a lot of grace and shared actively about how God touched their hearts. The fellowship was truly joyful and many things were learned.

Please continue to pray for AM members and for the cyber fellowship program to grow to 24 students weekly.

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