Apostolos Missions International

Korea Headquarters Dedicated to God

On December 14,  the dedication service for AM Korea’s headquarters near Seoul National University was held in the grace of God. Pastor Mark Shin, a president of OAK, delivered a sermon entitled “Good Shepherd” with the scripture from Romans 1: 16-18 and John 10: 10-15.

The message highlighted that faith is holding on to the power of the word of God and relying on it. The Word is the only thing that can change a person, and the power to save is in it. Having the absolute belief that there is power in God’s word, we can be confident.

After the sermon, the service was concluded with the benediction from Pastor Simon Jang.

The second part of the session was followed by Pastor Changwook Choi’s greeting. He presented the testimony and expression of gratitude to God and members for their support and love. And rich blessings were poured out by the congratulatory message from Pastor Nathanael Choi, the former president of AM Korea.

Lastly, the event concluded with a prayer for the newly dedicated headquarters center.

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