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AM Korea Held a Short Term Mission Trip to Gwangju

AM Korea visited Gwangju for a short term mission trip on October 15-17. On the first day, they held joint evangelism with Seogwang Church and Bitgoeul Hope Church at Chonnam National University.

During the evangelism, one high school freshman who was devoted to the faith and pure was connected to the Bible study by the grace of God.

A minister who participated in the evangelism commented, “I saw many students who attentively listen to the words of the evangelist and felt that there were hunger and eagerness for the truth in them. I was convinced that the fruit of the evangelism may bear soon If we continue to pile up the quantity.”

On the second day, they visited Bitgoeul Somang Church and prayed together for the mission of Chosun University and had time to evangelize together at the Chosun University campus and the university district.

Prior to evangelism, Pastor Chang-wook Choi shared the message, saying “I am grateful for what God has done so that AM Center at the Chonnam National University can be protected and maintained till now. Instead of looking at the circumstances surrounding us, let us look at God who made us here. Believing that God is with us, let’s diligently preach the gospel through faith.”

AM Korea plans to visit Gwangju for the mission trip on regular basis with the earnest prayer to set up the chapter leader in Chonnam University. Continuous prayer is requested for the revival of the mission in the region and the fruit to be produced soon.

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