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AM Korea Launches 3 Days’ Mission Trip, Chungbuk University on the First day

Apostolos Missions International (AM) ministry is committed to spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth, testifying to the eternal love of the Lord. With chapters in diverse cities and in all corners of the world, AM leaders are striving daily to fulfill the mission of “preaching Jesus Christ and making God known” to the whole creation. Our aim is to gather many youth who can rise up and be used as instruments for God’s kingdom. As campuses and universities are our main mission field, one of our local chapters in AM Korea set off on a mission trip to the North Chungcheong and Honam regions for the last three days of their 40 days evangelism streak.

The mission team arrived in Cheongju, where Chungbuk National University is located. They visited the Grace Church in Chengju and shared the current mission situation and prayer requests of the mission field with local church ministers and had time to pray together. Afterward, they stepped on the campus of Chungbuk National University to find lost souls in this area.

Afterward, they moved to Jeonju for the next day’s schedule and prepared the mission trip for the following day. On the second day, they plan to evangelize universities in Jeollabuk-do with the ministers of Agape Church.

One AM minister shared, “I thank God that we can go on a mission trip at the end of the 40 days. Although it is the beginning stage, I hope that AM chapters may be established in each city by God’s grace and many young people who respond to God’s love will do mission trips together for the Kingdom of God. I want to continue doing this mission trip consistently and persistently, and evangelize according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the remaining time for the mission trip. We thank God for His faithful answer to grant us the vehicle that we need for the mission trip and also thank the member who made the answer to be fulfilled.

Youth and young adults are the most energetic and passionate and AM wants them to see that giving your talents to serving God is the most meaningful works that brings great joy. Through AM youth can be part of something that matters and following Christ is the best adventure for our lives.

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