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AM Korea Organizes Training System for Pioneering Through Translation Site

AM Korea held a meeting with missionaries, and has organized a system to recruit and educate youth missionaries in a multi-lingual sermon site so that they can reach the stage of commitment and dedication.

AM recently visited the Ephesus Church in Japan for short-term missions training and also through exchanges with missionaries who visited Korea, felt the necessity of educational programs. In addition to this language-based education system, as the know-how of evangelism and pioneering is added, it is expected that there will be great synergy.

Previously, the pastor’s sermon and lecture were recorded, translated, and recorded by language. However, with the urgent need for raising leaders, the urgency of missions and pioneering sites has accelerated ministry in these new ways.
In the operation of the multistation sermon site, the basic courses will be obtained through various cooperative missionaries. In addition, they plans to build up DB through a steady interpretation and recording work. In addition, they plan to exchange and integrate education program and raising know-how with the Ephesus Church in Osaka.

It is also a point of contact with potential missionaries who want to do mission. The data thus constructed serve as the basis for rapid education, commitment, and devotion at the time of explosive revival, such as the record of the Passover to hasten eating the Lamb(Exodus 12:11).
Also, this site introduces a limited open system to distinguish places where members can listen to the membership and security rating system and listen only to the church.

Also, the site has a limited open system to allow people to listen to the word only at the church with membership and security rating system.
Urgent Chinese and English basic lectures have already been collected and will be available to help those who have been evangelized from early next.

Separately, in terms of promotions, the multilingual sermon site is currently the top-ranked app in Google Play, and more than a hundred candidates for membership are waiting for applications before the moment they put their efforts into promoting.

AM Korea requested a prayer to quickly reach the goal of pioneering 100 countries through multilingual sermon site.

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