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AM Korea Resumes Street Evangelism

On June 22, AM Korea resumed street evangelism at Seoul National University together with the local Saean Church mission team who is conducting campus tour evangelism throughout Seoul.

During this time, a freshman majoring in bio-education was led to have on-the-spot Bible Study. The message listened to was the four spiritual laws. He is an unbeliever, but open-minded to know the Bible. He will continue to be connected to share grace and study the word.

AM Korea staff shared, “Summer vacation began this week, but I was surprised to see many students were still on campus. I felt it is a sign of God to continue to evangelize without taking a break during this vacation. Being united with the Saean Mission team was also very strengthening. We want to take more powerful steps in evangelism in this time of mission.”

Let’s continue to pray for AM Korea evangelism to be fruitful and share the Gospel with many people.

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