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AM Korea Weekly Bible Studies ‘Through the Shedding of His Blood’

AM Korea online weekly Bible studies continue as God is pouring out the abundant grace. During the bible study, they studied the meaning of salvation given to us as a gift through the cross and the coming of Christ, who opened the new era of the Gospel through forgiveness to mankind who are groaning over the problem of sin that cannot be solved on their own.

One sister who attended the Bible study shared, “To be forgiven of sins, sacrifices must be offered, Jesus became a sacrifice of atonement to redeem our sins, and the suffering of God who had to watch over the sacrifice of his son is heart breaking and my heart was not easy to hear this agony. I am grateful that this love of sacrifice is not only for certain righteous people, but for everyone including Jews, Gentiles, and all sinners.”

In addition, in the Bible study that followed, one brother from New York studied the message from the book of gospels and shared, “We continue to fall on the path of faith, but we should try not to give up there, but to become more and more like Jesus.” And one brother from Congo, who is attending the Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University also joined after several months. He came to this place of receiving the grace again and shared his thankfulness.

AM requested a prayer for those who participated in the Bible study by God’s special calling to deepen their understanding of Christ’s love and to experience abundant grace.

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