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AM Latin America Seeks to Add 7 More Countries, Fixes Set-Time Prayer

AM International Latin America leaders and volunteers are meeting regularly with passion for development in the region. The leaders are really focused on the power of prayer to breakthrough to 7 more countries in the region. They arranged a list of prayer topics and are praying nightly for God’s power to be revealed.

The AM Latin America leaders believe that this region is a special place where many people can be gathered. However, our prayers will help to open the way for people to come to Jesus. Young people in Latin America are seeking for truth and direction. The leaders were encouraged to continue praying and evangelizing until the Holy Spirit brings the quality change.

The 7 countries to be opened in October include Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Guyana, and Venezuela (Caracas).

Please continue to pray for a fruitful week in AM Latin America chapters.

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