Apostolos Missions International

AM Launches First Sunday Large Group of 2022

AM has restarted their weekly Sunday Large Group fellowship– January 2nd being the first gathering of the new year. With hopeful anticipation, the leaders believe that the Large Group will be the place that will help to gather many people to teach them the Word of God.

In order to foster this thriving and joy filled atmosphere that AM envisions, online evangelism will be an important part in increasing in number to make this vision come to pass. AM HQ Staff, Pastor Michael Ford who leads the Sunday Large Group fellowship will re-form a social media team who can help with social media evangelism as it will be the bridge to gather many for the Large Group fellowship.

AM members that are currently volunteering with AM chapters at their local universities will have the opportunity to be part of the social media team where they will be dedicated to spending time building the AM pages and evangelizing others who can join the group fellowship.

Please pray that the Sunday Large Group fellowship can be prepared well so that it can be the gateway to gathering and raising many in faith.

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