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AM London Considers Current State Of Faith Among The Youth

AM is opening a chapter in London. Missionary Daisy arrived in Europe this week to begin youth mission. While the UK has a large youth population, there is a greater concern as the Christian faith is at a decline.

Located in Northwestern Europe, the UK also known as “Great Britain,” is a country home to other countries. The four countries that make up the UK are England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Out of the four, England is the largest country where London is the capitol city. England has the largest youth populations where there 11.5 million are youth and of that, 9.6 million are between the ages of 16-29. The UK is a popular study abroad destination for international students which may account for the large youth population.

With such a youthful population, Christianity in the UK seems to be declining as the younger generations are no longer practicing the faith. The UK is among one of the European countries where there are the fewest Christian young adults. A survey conducted found that 22% of young adults between the age of 16-29 years old identify as Christian while 70% identified as non-religious. This is just for the UK alone, however, youth across the entire continent of Europe either profess the Christian faith, but don’t practice it or they either do not attend a religious service at all which also contributes to its decline.

Researchers believe that in the next 10-20 years there will be a rise in the portion of people with no religion across the UK and even other countries throughout Europe. While this may be true, it is with great hope that there will be revival at the coming of the AM missionary.

Christianity may be at a decline; however, God can work in the hearts of the small percentage of young adults who still profess the Christian faith. Youth are the future of the world and just one can have the potential to reach many, which can result in the uprising of an army of Christian youth throughout the continent.

Please pray that God can lead many people in Europe to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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