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AM Men’s Group Resumes; Looks at The Life of Abraham

For this week’s men’s group Bible Study, Pastor Michael shared a message about Abraham. This was the first men’s group in recent weeks after a short hiatus. The brothers were happy to be back and continue every Monday.

Hebrews 11:8-10 tells us about Abraham, the man who went with God. He was a changed man after God called him. Through his story, we really learn that God’s call wasn’t just for Abram or the people of the Bible, but also for us, today.

Abraham proves that even as sinners, God can call us and bless our future. We should not blame our destiny on any other thing. We should live like he did because when we live a life of faith, we live a complete life.

During reflection time with newcomer Sean, a member of Houston Immanuel Church, shared a desire to pray for other brother’s currently struggling to grow. “If Saul could become Paul” shared Sean, “God can work on us the same. It just takes time. Let’s pray for that.”

Judah shared that when he is blocked from following God’s call, it’s because he must have been distracted by the world. “God says I am not of this world. But when I try to fit in, I almost completely forget that God is there. But God is my God, so patient with me to bring me back. ”

May the message help brothers seek to earnestly walk the path of faith, answering God’s call, watching him prove himself faithful.

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