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AM Mexico Establishes Social Media Team & Develops Detailed Plan Towards Expansion

Giving much effort to evangelism and expansion, AM Mexico is beginning to establish a social media team as they continue to seek to raise many members this year. As online evangelism has been the focal point of the year, it has not only played a major role in outreach efforts, but it has provided students with the opportunity to serve with AM Mexico.

Committed members, Sarai (from Mexico city) and Adriana (from Iguala), have been given the opportunity to volunteer with the AM Mexico social media page. They are assisting with online evangelism works, such as daily mass following, sending bible study invitations, and creating social media content. As they are undergoing leadership training, this has been another means to enhance their spiritual growth.

Specific tasks and roles have been distributed to each student, so that AM Mexico can expand its reach to other students outside of Mexico City. The social media page currently has followers from Argentina, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Guatemala. The goal is to seek and raise 12 students so that they can begin to work towards expansion.

Sarai has been given the task to target people from other cities and countries by searching for colleges and universities in that designated area. Adriana has been given the task to create content that is relevant and catches the attention of young adults between the ages of 18-27 years old.

“I am glad to be able to have the opportunity to help and serve in the ministry,” said committed member Sarai. “This makes me very happy that I can participate and create content for social media,” said Adriana.

AM Mexico hopes to seek and raise students from these regions which will help achieve the goal of 12 committed members. Please pray that AM Mexico members and leaders can grow and be very effective in seeking and raising members.

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