Apostolos Missions International

AM Networks at WEA General Assembly in Jarkarta

AM leaders from the USA had the blessing of participating in the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) General Assembly in Jarkarta. There were many opportunities to network and learn from many seasoned leaders.

The recurring theme of all meetings and conversations with these ministry leaders has been the next generation of faith. Young children, teens and college students.

Other ministries, such as Unleashed, a younger teen program, also gave insightful information about small practical ways to really bring out a teenagers potential.

“This has been awesome to learn,” shared Michael. “I have gotten cards, emails, and many eager responses when people hear that AM focuses on the future generation as well. I can see from networking here, that if we all run together, with urgent appreciation of the issues, God will make a way for a great revival in this generation.”

May our prayers be answered, as AM International, and all of God’s children band together to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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