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AM New Jersey Staff Begin On-Site Evangelism at Princeton University

AM New Jersey staff began onsite evangelism at Princeton University this month. Vanessa and Ashley evangelized for two hours on this first day and expressed great hope for the potential of mission on this campus.

Princeton University is a very historic campus in New Jersey and worldwide. The students are very focused on their studies but are noticeably tense, anxious, and unhappy. AM staff testified that those who recognize the invitation to Bible study will consider it as an opportunity to breathe and be free from that world of stress and spiritual oppression. AM staff pray to bring freedom through the Word of God and rescue many suffering souls.

AM staff will continue daily evangelism with the goal of on-the-spot Bible study, filling surveys, and connecting students to online programs as well.

Ashley evangelized for the first time and shared her reflection:

There was a lot of anticipation in me as I wasn’t sure what to expect as the days were leading up to us to finally being able to do in person evangelism. Upon arriving, I was a little hesitant and nervous as it is my first time. However, after speaking with a couple of students, I came to realize the importance of evangelizing as many students as we can. I sensed a lot of anxiety and unrest in the students heart and it made me feel all the more for them. Although many declined the offer, they were still very responsive. That gives me hope to keep pushing forward even when it seems like no one wants to accept. I am thankful for the opportunity and I believe that God can and will work through AM to reach many on the campus of Princeton. There is a lot of talent there, a lot of young and lively college students who would be a great fit for Gods kingdom. It has only been one day of evangelism, but my heart is already beginning to open up to have love and compassion for my brothers and sisters. I want them to come to see that they don’t have to stress and worry about being the top student but that they can find peace in using their talents and gifts for God. I am ready to be used greatly and I will continue on the work of an evangelist with much joy!

Vanessa shared her reflection below:

It was nice to finally get out and evangelize people in person once again. I am grateful that the weather was kind to allow us to be outside for a couple of hours to tour the campus of Princeton and talk with some students. I remember my first time evangelizing to be a lot of fun. It always tests me to go out there and approach people and it was a little difficult starting out as students seemed on edge when approached, but I believe the more we pray on campus, the warmer our encounters will become. There is already three other Christian fellowships on Princeton’s Campus, but I hope AM can be the fourth and the most impactful. I hope we can continue evangelizing on other campuses as well and nearby grocery stores. Ashley even approached some college-aged brothers and sisters at the store who seem responsive. I am just really glad we can rekindle our relationship with other humans and pray that things can go back to normal.

Please continue to pray for the development of AM Princeton mission.

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