Apostolos Missions International

AM Online Bible Study Welcomes 17 Attendees, 4 Newcomers for Lent

The AM HQ online Lent program drew 17 attendees and 4 newcomers on Day 17. The goal is to reach 24 stable attendees. The Lent program consists of 40-days in the Gospel of John, verse by verse. Many students are actively participating in the 40-day walk with a sincere desire to meet the Lord.

The message on Monday was delivered by Pastor Michael and came from John 8:31-59, “The Truth Will Set You Free.” The message emphasized the life of following Christ and the way of the cross and truth that brings true freedom. The students were exhorted to follow the example of Jesus and fulfill the Gospel with love.

After the Bible study, students shared reflections of the sermon and had a time of discussion. New students expressed their gratitude for being invited and shared how graceful and joyful it was to gather with fellow Christian youth.

Students from the U.S. joined as well as newcomers in the U.S. Please pray that many more students around the world may be evangelized and new registered chapter members and committed members can be raised in this month.

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