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AM Phase 2 Translated into 3 Languages; Spanish and Korean Complete

AM Phase 2 material has been published and completed in a total of 3 languages. Phase 2 is called “Bible Core” and consists of 10 classes based on the Four Spiritual Laws. The material was recently completed in the Spanish and Korean language.

Phase 1’s original text in English was completed last year. The Spanish and Korean translation was completed at the end of the year and soon after the translation for Phase 2 began. It is with great joy that more language translation is taking place and more doors for evangelism and education are opening up.

Phase 2 of the resources includes classes 1-5 that go through the Four Spiritual Laws. However, AM is using the term “Bible Core” in place of the Four Spiritual Laws. The messages cover Creation, Sin, Salvation, and lessons on the Kingdom of God. The material goes over passages in the Book of Genesis, John, and Matthew.

An international organization should be centered on the global needs and methods of reaching all corners of the world. With the many different spoken languages, dialects, and diversity in the world, AM has the goal for the material to be translated into all languages so that no one is exempt from hearing about the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the next translation project into French and Russian. May we reach the whole world with the Gospel!

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