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AM Philippines Welcome New Students for Bible Study

By the grace of God, AM International’s Philippine chapter added two new brothers to bible study. Brother Ananias and Brother Allen joined, starting the book of Romans for two days.

Leader Rachel shared the Wrath of God in Romans 1:18-32 on the first bible study and Romans 2:1-16 “Unrighteousness within the Righteous Part 1” on the second day. The brothers gathered eagerly to listen to the Word of God.

Brother Allen shared in reflection, “I know the existence of God and the bible but I never took time to read it. I apologize for my sinfulness. I want to come back to the Lord. I admit I have many sin to overcome. I pray to God that He will continue to give me people who will lead me to know more about Him.”

Brother Ananias shared, ” I am thankful for the message. The Wrath of God reminds me that the sin resides in me. Even though I know God is merciful but I feel his sorrow on his creation for not acknowledging the Lord our center.”

Brother Ronnel shared “God wants his creation to acknowledge Him in their life but because of the sin of the people they cannot find true happiness. God reminds them through their sins regarding idolatry that God doesn’t exchange Himself for the things that his creation chooses to focus on. Paul precisely point out what is the problem and that is sin and it needs a remedy. I pray to God to help me to be free from my sin.”

Brother Genesis also shared how he was reminded that the sin of the Gentiles and the Jews is our sin today, there is no exception at all, no favoritism. “If you sin, there is the wrath of God, there is a punishment. God will surely punish based on our action. I thank God for all he has done to me. and for bringing back in this path of faith.”

Please pray for all the brothers to be firm in knowing Jesus and continue to listen in the Word of God.

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