Apostolos Missions International

AM Prepares ’25 Days of Christmas’ Media Campaign

To kick off the month of December and the Christmas Holiday, AM HQ staff thought of creative strategies that would both be fun and inviting for more members to join the fellowship. There were many ideas, but one that was decided upon was “25 Days of Christmas.”

25 Days of Christmas will be conducted on our Instagram social media page. It begins on Dec. 1st and ends on Dec. 25th. It is a social media campaign to share about the deep meaning of Christmas. The last 12 days will include short recorded testimonies from us and our current bible students explaining what Christmas means to us. In addition, the testimonies will be accompanied with bible scriptures.

The staff is excited to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with many of the followers on Instagram.
The hope is that by being active with our Instagram community, we will receive more students who are interested in learning about Jesus.

And as the year is coming to an end, we pray that many souls will be touched by the good news of the Gospel and that they will have a desire to follow the Lord.

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