Apostolos Missions International

San Francisco Holds Retreat with Gratia Church

AM International HQ staff held a one-day retreat at San Francisco Gratia Church. The church, led by Pastor Peter, Pastor Julia, and missionary Nancy, has several America students who are consistently growing and part of the core team of the church. 5 growing students participated in the retreat with a total of 11 attendees.

The retreat theme was “Come and See” based off of chapter 1 of John. The purpose was to come to meet Jesus in a new and deep way. We do not want to be only onlookers, but true disciples who follow in His way.

The retreat featured 2 messages, an icebreaker, breaking bread time, and a presentation about AM International. Most participants attended until the end of the retreat. They spent the full day with graceful messages and deeper fellowship and conversations.

AM is continuing to network heavily in the North America region. They will remain in close contact with the church to set up an SF leader and begin AM evangelism in nearby schools. Please pray for this.

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