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AM Social Media Strategizes Successful Evangelism Towards 100,000 Members

With the dream of 100,000 members in mind, AM has been thinking of the state of the world, and the state of faith. For better or worse, the world is online. Even before the Pandemic, we were in a tech age.

In 2021, AM International is riding the wave of the internet and cultivating new ideas. This is why staff members held a brand brainstorming session, speaking about how to develop a vibrant and lasting culture online of Apostolos Missions International.

The goal is to welcome 100,000 members by the end of this year. Please pray that these strategies be effective ways of outreach.


During the brainstorming session, staff discussed ways to get from where they currently are, to that dream of a 100,000 network. As ideas were discussed freely, it was decided that AM would be creating a Podcast (an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files users can download to a personal device for easy listening) answering common questions from bible study students engaged in AM’s social media pages. Staff members began to talk about creating a podcast answering common questions from bible study students engaged in AM’s social media pages. The goal of this podcast is for it to be a new channel for the truth to spread and a way to build a report with the youth. Podcasting is a relatively low maintenance activity for listeners. You can listen while doing other things like mowing the lawn, exercising even while laying down and resting. We want to capture the attention of the masses through this and help people understand God. The podcast will feature ads for online bible study as well, to connect people to AM for deeper education. As AM International leadership does its research of the medium of podcasting, it will come up with measurable numbers like how many subscribers they want to get per month.


Other content ideas include creating interactive Instagram stories that allow users to take polls, send in prayer topics, and answer thoughtful questions will be used also for the goal of connecting the online audience to AM. For every one question, prayer, or answered question, AM will actively communicate with the people interacting through Instagram. “we want to have at least 15 active conversations that can lead to consistent bible study” shared Pastor Michael.


AM HQ also plans to make additions to their website such as several film productions and short videos to greet viewers, explain the mission of AM, and encourage students to apply for internships. AM will bring a more polished presentation to their website video features.

Plans are being set up to post and recruit different internship positions relating to the roles that need to be filled according to AM’s 2025 plan. As soon as possible, AM wants to have an internship with the public. So prayerfully, as AM is adding these positions to the site and hoping that they can have an onsite training as soon as possible at the world HQ in Trenton, New Jersey.


In addition, AM will continue to develop test materials, including devotionals to share publicly. An AM devotional is being worked on for the bible app or other platforms. Currently, it’s unknown how to partner with the app to curate content for it, but AM is working on editing its “Walk with Jesus” devotional for a sharper, more concise version. One HQ staff member said, “We would love to have a 7-day devotional or reading plan that can be used to advertise AM, and engage people to study the word and serve God wholeheartedly.”

AM’s dream is to continually gather thousands of young people in this era of evangelism. It is imperative for them to consider all the methods of spreading the message of the Gospel, casting, and mending the net. Please pray for these ideas to come to pass and for the accessibility to equipment and resources to complete these projects.

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