Apostolos Missions International

AM Social Media Team Sets Evangelism Goals & New Strategies for Outreach

The AM HQ social media team gathered for their weekly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020. The meeting was focused on sharing the weekly focus of evangelism and strategizing more methods of outreach.

AM General Secretary, Pastor Alma, shared about refocusing on the main purpose and vision of AM– gathering the youth. AM should be a gate for many people to enter. Above all, the fruit we wish to bear is the fruit of people. The team repented for losing time and not gathering people diligently.

Various staff suggested websites that allow for ministers to find people locally and share notifications about online Bible study. They will push harder to invite more students and increase the number of students learning. They also shared updates on the students they are currently teaching and also set goals for the statistics they wish to receive in the next week.

Setting the goals was a helpful step towards working intentionally and with a clear target. The AM social media team wishes to be more precise and target the goals diligently from now until the General Assembly.

May the Holy Spirit bring revival to AM through the web and open the door for many people to know the Lord through online evangelism.

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